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Aluminum is always be thought of as the metal that allows people to fly with, of which possesses the characteristics of being light, strong, flexible and highly resistant to extreme temperatures. It is an ideal material for the manufacturing of aircraft. Aluminum can be recycled and reused repeatedly, making it a good choice as aircraft manufacturers pressure sustainability initiatives. The key aluminum alloys used in aircraft manufacturing are of 2ххх, 6ххх and 7ххх series. The 2xxx series is suitable to be used in high temperature environments and in environments with an increased yield coefficient. The 7xxx series alloys are recommended to be used in lower temperature environments in parts exposed to increased loads and in parts that need to deliver high corrosion resistance under high voltage. The 6xxx alloys are often used in low load parts, in hydraulic, lubrication and fuel systems.

Aluminum is a superior solution for the lightweight of vehicles. Driving a car is one of the most common means of transportation in the world. And for the aims of fuel efficiency, reducing CO2 emissions and easy design, aluminum is playing an ever more important role in modern cars’s manufacturing. Meanwhile, most importantly, aluminium is very good at absorbing shock. When aluminium parts get bent or deformed, the deformation remains localised to the areas of impact, while the rest of the body retains the original shape, which ensures safety for the passenger compartment. Sino Unicorn International Co., Limited is an important supplier of aluminum material for premium car manufacturers, both at home and abroad, with great efficiency and flexibility. Typical alloys are of 3xxx, 5xxx and 6xxx series. Applications of those aluminum materials are of auto body sheets like doors and lids, frame structures,  interior and exterior trims and engine system.

Aluminum delivers a unique combination of strength and weight-saving to optimize vehicle performance except for the increase of aesthetic possibilities. In commercial transportation area, manufacturers of transportation vehicles focus on low weight in order to save energy and cost, as well as to meet environmental standards. Aluminum enhances the long-term performance and cost effectiveness. Aluminum can be recycled and reused repeatedly, end-life-vehicles made from aluminum could provide high residual value.  Besides, lighter commercial vehicles made from aluminum help to reduce delivery costs. Aluminium alloys have been widely applied in commercial transportation. The features of light weight, corrosion resistance and good performance can be obtained by largely using aluminum in railway transportation. Aluminum plates are mainly used as outer body sheet, inner decorative sheet, roof and floor plank etc.. Furthermore, some aluminum tubes with small size are used for ventilation and transmission devices within the trains as well.

From smart phones, laptops and tablets to high-definition flat screen TVs, today’s specialty–aluminum sheet is walking its way into consumer goods at every turn by taking advantage of its light weight, good durability, fantastic design possibility and attractive finishes. The dramatic growth of smart phones, mobile computing, telecommunications, household electronics and other consumer electronics is stimulating an ever-increasing use of aluminum. Products made from aluminum are easily recycled, and the whole recycle process uses as little as five percent of the energy required for the production of the metal from its ore.

Because of its lightness, good formability and long-lasting durability, aluminium is widely applied in buildings and constructions. The characteristics of good durability, versatility and aesthetic property of aluminum expand its application in most of the modern buildings and constructions throughout the world — from world famous skyscrapers to single-family homes. Aluminum–based structures and parts are highly decorative, it offers excellent heat and sound insulation, resistance to corrosion and weathering, and a high strength-to-weight ratio. Aluminum gives more space for the architect to realize his or her creative vision. In addition, it is simpler, faster and more convenient to work with lightweight structures. Considering that aluminum structures are 100% recyclable, it is the metal of not only now but the future.

Since the existence of the lithographic printing, the ability to enable the communication and information spreading among the mass audiences has greatly changed the world, and today is no exception. In spite of the invention and development of various materials used in printing industry, aluminum PS/CTP base plate is no doubt the primary choice for most of the printing facilities, taking advantage of its superior printing quality, cost effectiveness, environmental friendliness, high definition and good hydrophilicity etc. Typical alloys supplied by Sino Unicorn in this industry are AA1050, AA1060 and AA1070.  They play an essential role in nowadays lithographic printing process because of their good formability and stability, superior surface integrity.

Thin but strong. Aluminum brings unmatched freshness, convenience and innovative design to a wide variety of packaging products. Aluminium’s ability to basically form any shape and its protective qualities to the goods wrapped in it have made it the most popular and  versatile packaging material in the world, such as food and pharmaceutical packaging foil, aluminum beverage cans and Tetra Pak packaging etc. One key benefit of aluminium packaging material is it can be fully recycled and back to use in sixty days which makes it an ideal sustainable solution to packaging industry. The most commonly used materials in aluminum foil production are pure primary aluminum or 1xxx, 3xxx, and 8xxxx series alloys, including iron, silicon, manganese, and sometimes copper if more strength is required. Popular materials used in making aluminum beverage cans are typically AA3104, AA5052 and AA5182. Sometimes AA3004 might be used to make the body.

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