According to the official announcement from the Indian government, the government had made the final ruling on the anti-dumping case of imported aluminum and zinc-coated flat products from China, South Korea, and Vietnam.

For those products which had been accused by the Indian government, would need to face the anti-dumping tariffs. Among them, those products from China, the tariff would be US$68.08/ton to US$129.59/ton; those products from South Korea, the tariff would be US$28.67/ton to US$122.66/ton; those products from Vietnam, the tariff would be US$45.35/ton to US$199.53/ton.

Those products were under the tax number including 72106100, 72125090, 72259900 and 72269990, as well as some products under 72101290, 72103090, 72109090, 72122090, 72123090, 72124000, 72169910, 72255010, 72259100, 72259200 and 72269930.