It’s reported that the Morocco government would increase its rebar import quotas in 2020, while wire quotas would remain the same.

This year, the import quota of rebar would come to around 106,294 tons, up from 96,631 tons in 2019, of which the maximum quota allocated by SMM Socodam Davum was 46,372 tons, and 35,179 tons for Distributor and service center Rivera Metal.

The wire quota would remain stable at 146,410 tons, and Rivera Metal would receive a quota of 44,766 tons.

Rebars and wires imported above the quota limit would pay approximately MAD 550/ton, but this doesn’t apply to developing countries.

Over the past 3 years, the import quota for rebar has increased at a rate of 10% per year, which meant that by 2021 it would reach 116,923 tons. The wire quota would be fixed at 144,610 tons per year.