Top five aluminium foil manufacturers in India

Aluminium packaging has witnessed a surge in demand driven by the growth in beverages, food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics industries, especially in India and China among others. Since foil is one of the largely used materials in the aluminium packaging industry owing to its versatility, lightweight, and easy recyclability, its usage is seeing a constant rise.

The aluminium foil packaging market was valued at USD 17.9 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach USD 24.18 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 3.27% during 2020 – 2025, according to the latest report by Mordor Intelligence.

Top key manufacturers of aluminium foil from India are Hindalco, Ess Dee Aluminium, Alufoil Products Pvt. Ltd., Dee Pee Foils (India) and Nagreeka Foils Ltd. among others. Please note, the below mentioned sequence is dynamic depending on changing market conditions.


Hindalco enjoys a leadership position in downstream value-added products in India. Aluminium VAP (excluding wire rods) sales volumes were at 75,000 tonnes for the third quarter ended 31 December 2019. Sales volume grew 6% YoY to 230,000 tonnes in the nine months. The entire range of products are not only well accepted in India but are also exported to several countries regularly.

Hindalco is the country’s premier foil and foil laminates supplier in different variants – plain, laminated, lacquered and printed. These variants are used for various packaging applications.

The company operates two foil rolling facilities at Mouda near Nagpur in Maharashtra and Kollur in Telangana. Mouda plant has a casting facility where cold aluminium is molten, cast and rolled to make foil.

Hindalco’s aluminium foil brands include Freshwrapp, Superwrap and Freshpakk semi-rigid containers. Freshwrapp, considered as one of the leading brands of packaging foils in India, is available from 10 micron upwards.

Ess Dee Aluminium

Ess Dee Aluminium consists of the parent company, Division India Foils and its 100% subsidiary, Flex Art Foils Ltd.  The company is the leading manufacturer and supplier of primary packaging solutions. Ess Dee Aluminium is in the business of manufacturing and marketing aluminium foils for pharmaceutical industry.

Ess Dee was the first in India to manufacture dedicated high-end pharmaceutical packaging products like Cold Form Blister and Child-Resistant-Blister packaging. The company’s product portfolio has significantly enhanced since then, now covering a wide range of sophisticated and technologically advanced products.

Alufoil Products Pvt. Ltd.

Alufoil Products Pvt. Ltd., established in 1997, is a manufacturer and exporter of aluminium foil products in India. The company specialises in aluminium foil conversion including printing, laminating, coating, cutting, embossing, slitting, and punching on aluminium foil as well as manufacturing foil containers with lids. Alufoil has the capacity for processing 2500 tons of foil in assorted thickness a month.

The company’s products include aluminium foil roll, laminated foil, laminated lids, aluminium foil wrapper for chocolates, pharmaceutical aluminium foil, cigarette aluminium foil, household aluminium foil, foil lined bags, foil seals, baking cups, Gutka packing foil, Hookah aluminium foil, and golden & silver boards.

Dee Pee Foils (India)

Dee Pee Foils (India) is involved in the manufacturing of aluminium foils for various Pharmaceutical, Tea, Confectionery, Cigarettes, Food, Vegetable oil, Fireworks, Label and other Industries. The company’s products include ciagarette inner liner foil, foil containers, house foil in jumboo reels, baby food packaging foil, paper laminated aluminium foil, ors sachet foil, strip packaging foil, and blister pack foil among others.

Nagreeka Foils Ltd.

Nagreeka Foils Ltd., along with its subsidiary, Mala Overseas Pvt Ltd., is a leading global manufacturer of aluminium foil rolls and containers for household and catering use. The company manufactures products under the brand ALUFO.

Nagreeka Foils Ltd. has its state-of-the-art facilities, with a capacity of 20000 MT per annum, near Mumbai, India. The company has installed a state of the art machines from Italy.