Vietnam decided to terminate anti-dumping duties immediately on a number of galvanized steel products originating from South Korea and China

Vietnam’s Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIT) on 13 May announced the completion of the sunset investigation and review of the anti-dumping measures on a number of galvanized steel products originating from South Korea and China, and decided to terminate AD duties immediately.

In April 2017, Vietnam decided to impose duties ranging from 4.02% to 38.34% for five years on imports of these products from China and South Korea, following the first investigation initiated in March 2016.

The end-of-term review was conducted in June 2021, and finally proved that the domestic industry no longer suffers significant damage after five years of applying these duties. “In the immediate future, imports from South Korea and China are unlikely to recur damage to the domestic industry,” Vietnam’s MIT adds.

The goods subject to duties were galvanized flat steel other than stainless steel, regardless of thickness and width, which are classified by Vietnamese tax numbers as 7210.41.11, 7210.41.12, 7210.41.19, 7210.49.11, 7210.49.12, 7210.49.13, 7210.49.19, 7210.49.19, 7210.49.11, 7210.61.11, 7210.61.12, 7210.61.19, 7210.69.11, 7210.69.12, 7210.69.19, 7210.10.10 and 7210.90.90.

Also, 7212.30.11, 7212.30.12, 7212.30.13, 7212.30. .14, 7212.50.19, 7212.50.23, 7212.50.24, 7212.50.29, 7212.50.93, 7212.50.94, 7212.50.99, 7212.60.11, 7212.60.12, 7212.60.19, 7212.60.91, 7212.60.99, 7225.92.90, 7226.99.11 and 7226.99.91.

Global Trade Tracker data suggests Vietnam imported 606,799 tonnes of the above products from South Korea and China in 2021, up 18% year-on-year. The import volume in the first quarter this year stood at 56,972t with a dive of 76% from a year earlier.